FIGMENT FESTIVAL - Dealing with Ophelia

Dealing with Ophelia - GOVERNOR'S ISLAND

In “Dealing With Ophelia” we use the island to create a different vision of Hamlet’s Denmark. Here, Ophelia is not a weakling – but one angry girl. Mimes take on the roles of the court and Ophelia gives voice to her rage; Laura Brackley dances out Ophelia’s side of the story. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern assist Ophelia in giving payback to the court that wronged them and the rest of Denmark. Music fills the street as Ophelia leads the charge in mischief- “vandalizing” Elsinore. With hundreds of water balloons given to the audience, cast and audience join together as citizens of Denmark to attack “Elsinore"

This version of Dealing with Ophelia was produced by Unicycle Productions LLC and presented  at Figment NYC Festival / Governor’s Island, NY, June 8-9, 2013 (this was a significantly different version set specifically for Figment Festival/Governor’s Island):

conceived and directed by Carin Jean White
with Laura Brackley & Lloyd Mulvey, Nick Bayne, Anita Holland, Kristin Bailey, Kevork Madanian & Canice Nnanna

Music Director/Guitar by: Colm Clark
Stage Manager: Erikka Anderson

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